About us

Pitâw Mīno Muskîkî (Brings Good Medicine) Indigenous Handmade Markets is a collective of Indigenous women artists and community advocates who have come together to host seasonal Indigenous Handmade Markets in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Treaty 1 Territory.

Co-founded in 2022 by Shauna Fontaine (Anishinaabe Girl Designs), Brittany Grisdale (Black Wolf Dog), and Dana Connolly (Mashkiki Garden Creations), Pitâw Mīno Muskîkî aims to make a social impact through supporting fellow Indigenous artists, makers and creators.
We do this by celebrating the diverse talents of Indigenous peoples by bringing togther gifts of medicine through multi-faceted Indigenous art forms including music, literature, textiles, food, accessories and creations of all kinds.
We strongly believe in supporting Indigenous youth and encourage youth participation in our shows. In the background of putting together our shows, we are committed to mentoring Indigenous youth in areas that interest them including with social media and communications.
Recent 3rd Place Winners of Powwow Pitch, Pitâw Mīno Muskiki is committed to supporting Indigenous makers, mentoring Indigenous youth, and to creating barrier free platforms which celebrate the diversity and unique talents of Indigenous peoples in the arts.
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